El concepto

The concept

Mys is a Mexican brand with a Swedish soul, the result of the creativity and childhood memories of Helle Jeppsson, also founder of Scape. It is made up of a line of wellness and homegoods products, inspired by Nordic nature and its interpretation of comfort, relaxation and warmth.


In Spanish it translates to “apapacho”.


It is a Danish and Norwegian word that encompasses a concept of a welcoming, intimate state of mind, of pleasant coexistence, with feelings of well-being and satisfaction. 

The process

This signature was born with the intention of materializing the experience of happiness in the small things in life such as a cup of coffee, a view of the forest, a moment of stillness under a warm blanket, the peace of the sounds of nature... This project seeks to merge the Swedish concept of well-being with the ancestral traditions of herbalism, aromatherapy and natural cosmetics.

For this project, Helle teamed up with Mexican talents who helped create a line of natural, top-quality products that result in a sensory experience.

Andrés Mier y Terán and Regina Galvanduque of the Mexican architecture firm MYT+GLVDK, materialized Helle's nostalgia for Nordic nature by developing the brand's identity and design (packaging). 

On the other hand, Izaskun Díaz, the first (and only) Mexican nose, was in charge of finding the perfect mix of Nordic and Mexican aromas for each collection, creating a fusion between the two cultures.

The permanent collections



Main ingredients: cloudberry, bergamot and green woods.

It reflects the parallelism of the Nordic spring, represented by mist, snow or cold, and the Mexican spring, floral and citrus. A breath of fresh air, a chance to find strength, encouragement and energy.



Main ingredients: juniper, lavender and rosemary.

In mint color, like the summers in Sandefjord, it transports you to the long and endless Swedish summer days mixed with the sensation of water on the skin, the aroma of dry grasslands to reduce anxiety and achieving focus on the present moment. 



Main ingredients: birch, cedar and musk.

In slate gray, the scent of autumn is a serene and warm fragrance, the perfect combination that gives the feeling of warmth that comes from being at home, like curling up in the softest of blankets in front of a fireplace. A station full of character, presence and inspiration.


Sleep, relaxing

Main ingredients: sandalwood, white musk and traditional elderflower.

Its spicy notes evoke that warm and soft hug that gives fullness. It is silky and elegant like the beauty of Nordic darkness, with a sensuality that appeals to all the senses.

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