We want to be closer to you so we are expanding our horizons so that you can live the Mys experience with the help of our collaborators.

Visit us at the following stores:


The team formed by Regina Galvanduque and Andrés Mier y Terán from the firm MYT+GLVDK, developers of the brand's design, identity, branding and merchandising. With their multidisciplinary office BOMBOTI, they have developed a space for dialogue and experimentation between art, crafts and design.

Visit us in:

Hegel 232 Polanco CDMX


Our favorite Beauty Concept Store.

It has one of the best international cult and clean beauty brands to beautify, care for and optimize the health of your skin, body and hair.

Found in:

Emilio Castelar 149, Local 13 Polanco, CDMX.


A One Stop Shop space where you find everything you like most in one place.

Its driving force is to connect with yourself and with those you love most through an arrangement of flowers, a candle, a chocolate or an “ordinary” moment such as drinking coffee in your favorite cup and thus reminding you that it is always a good time to smile and enjoy.

Find us at:

Av Cerro Gordo 602, Valle del Campestre, León, Gto.

Empathy Store

It is a boutique where fashion, art and decoration coexist in the same space. A collection of people's ideas, MEXICAN ideas.

Find us in:

Av Montevideo 3181, Providencia, Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Lomas Hot Yoga

A studio full of details and personalized service. Hot Yoga is a path that generates happiness and well-being. Each practice fills you with what you need to be present in your challenges with self-confidence.⁣

Find us in:

Monte Athos 155, Lomas - Virreyes,11000, CDMX, Mexico