In off-white tones, this collection reflects the parallelism of the Nordic spring, represented by mist, snow or cold, and the Mexican spring, floral and citrus. Combining bergamot, green woods and blackberries, give the sensation of lighter days ahead, a breath of fresh air, a chance to find strength, encouragement and energy.

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There is something in the meeting between juniper, lavender and rosemary that allows this fragrance to take you to a summer in the nature. For Sommar, the nostalgia for the long and intermittent gentle Swedish summer days mix with the feeling of the water on the skin, the scent of dry grasslands that cause an optimism effect, and help reduce anxiety and achieve a Focus on the present moment. In mint color, like the summers in Sandefjord.

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Rendered in slate grey, the scent of fall is a mix woody notes of birch, cedar and musk. A serene fragrance
warm, the perfect combination between the elegance of wood and the feeling of warmth that comes from being at home, like snuggling in the softest of blankets in front of a fireplace. The notes of lavender and violet complement this season, full of character, presence and inspiration.

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El aroma del invierno es una oda a las épocas más cálidas y, sin embargo, más frías del año. El sándalo intenso, el almizcle blanco y la tradicional flor de saúco arrojan luz para los días más oscuros, por eso para esta colección se eligió el color carbón. Esta potente fragancia y sus notas especiadas evocan ese abrazo cálido y suave que da plenitud. Es sedosa y elegante como la belleza de la oscuridad nórdica, con una sensualidad que apela a todos los sentidos.

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