Beneficios del dry body oil de Mys

Benefits of Mys dry body oil

When you are not a morning person, mornings tend to be complicated, but at Mys we believe in the power of beauty rituals as a method of self-care and the perfect formula to have the best mood. For example, we present two scenarios:

Scenario A) You get out of bed, take a shower, get out of the shower, quickly put on your basic beauty products and start the day.

Scenario B) You wake up and go to bathe, but first you put on your current playlist on Spotify and light your favorite candle so that the bathroom smells delicious. You get out of the shower and start applying your pampered products with purpose. You start with your skincare routine and continue with your bodycare routine, because taking care of your body is just as important as your face. You finish your routine with a spectacular glow, smelling delicious and happy. You turn off the candle, the music and start your day on the right foot.

We don't know if you are team A or B, but at Mys we are convinced that, if you have the right mood and the right products by your side, your mood can change 2 x 3. And speaking of picks that work wonders for your body and your mood, it's time to talk about our dry body oil . It is made from 100% natural ingredients and is formulated as a moisturizer. That is, it moisturizes and softens, but it does not stain clothes or sheets and absorbs quickly into the skin. When you open it for the first time, you will be surprised by its aroma, since any of the four seasons you choose has an enveloping olfactory trail that lasts for hours on the skin. That is, if you apply it in the morning, after bathing, its aroma will accompany you to work, the gym or to a lunch with friends, because it is long-lasting.

Another factor that will make it the best friend of your bodycare routine has to do with its light formula and how it feels in contact with the skin. If you think that its texture is sticky, you will be surprised because the opposite is true, it absorbs instantly, does not leave the skin greasy, nor does it clog the pores. Therefore, it is perfect to apply day and night. The best of all are its benefits, because in addition to the fact that it smells spectacular for hours and blends wonderfully in your dermis, its content of vinifera and calendula seed oil works to hydrate, soften and illuminate your skin to the maximum. If you use dry body oil daily, your body will be in its glowing era.

A plus that this product has is that it is suitable for all skin types and is an ally for doing massages at home. Imagine it's Friday, you're tired and you just want to order sushi and watch Netflix. Why not add a massage with this dry body oil to the equation? Whether you order it through Scape or your partner gives it to you to earn points in your relationship, we assure you that this dry body oil will make you sleep deliciously and wake up with a hydrated body. Whatever way you include this product, we assure you that you will not regret it and from now on it will become an ally to look and feel incredible.

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