Ganamos un premio de belleza con este aceite seco

We won a beauty award with this dry oil

Every year, InStyle magazine organizes the iconic Best Beauty Buys beauty awards and this 2023 we won with our dry body oil , but why is this award so important? To begin with, because we were nominated in our first year of launch and because our product competed with several within its body category and won. This means that it was put to the test and stood out among the others for its design, its aroma and above all, its benefits on the skin.

The way in which these awards are rated is very fun and honest because they invite beauty experts and influencers to test hundreds of products for months so that they finally decide which ones get a 10 in performance and therefore, today we are proud to know that our Dry Body Oil won the hearts of the most important voices in the Beauty and Wellness industry.

Why did it become a Best Beauty Buys favorite?

Why did it become a Best Beauty Buys favorite?

Although many think that oils leave the skin greasy and sticky, this one does the opposite thanks to its formulation: it absorbs incredibly, moisturizes and is also suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. In fact, those with a tendency to imperfections can benefit from this product because it does not clog, it moisturizes and that causes the skin's pH to be balanced and therefore healthy.

Another reason why it is very popular is because it can be used daily and there are multiple ways to incorporate it into your routine . We recommend that you use it after bathing because when you get out of the shower, the pores dilate and this allows for better absorption of the products. If your skin feels drier than normal, we also invite you to mix the oil with your favorite body cream, this is a hydration cocktail for your dermis. Another excellent way to use this oil is for a relaxing massage and the best thing is that depending on your olfactory taste and your mood, you can choose the aroma that you like the most, but let us explain a little more about the fragrances.



The 4 olfactory trails of dry oil

Vår (Spring):

If you like light and fresh aromas but with personality, you will love this oil because it also has floral and citrus touches that are perceived upon contact with the skin and that give you a boost of energy. Bergamot, blackberries and green woods from Sweden are Vår's star raw materials.

Sommar (Summer):

Raise your hand if you want to live in an eternal summer. If you, like us, love the weather, vibe, and nature that surrounds this incredible time of year, then you need to try this scent. Within its olfactory formula there is juniper, lavender and rosemary, a real punch that appeals to the greenest, freshest and most cheerful part of the season.

Høst (Autumn):

Lately the days scream bed, blankets, Netflix and a soothing drink, and that is precisely the vibe we want to transmit through this oil. With a mixture of woods (musk, cedar and birch), we hope that this smell generates relaxation, comfort and inspires you.

Vinter (Winter):

For the darkest days of the year when you just want something cozy. The curious thing about this aroma is that it is inspired by the cold, but it also celebrates that light and inner warmth that we can generate despite adversity. Sandalwood, white musk and elderflower will allow you to relax and sleep like a baby.

Don't forget that this product, along with its olfactory variants, is the official oil of Scape in-home massages, so if you like to try one out to see which one to buy, this is a great way to see which scent is your favorite.

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