El arte del storytelling a través de los aromas

The art of storytelling through aromas

Behind almost all the beauty and wellness products that you love, there is a nose that is responsible for creating olfactory trails based on a concept, a
memory or a person. In this case, the perfumer Izaskun Díaz is the author of
the aromas of all Mys products and were based on childhood memories
from Helle, the founder, but adding a touch of Mexican aromatherapy to
get 4 steles that paid tribute to the Nordic spring, summer, autumn and winter in which little Helle grew up. We interviewed Izaskun to explain the story behind each stela and the main notes of each station.


“For Helle, spring is the time when there is a thaw and life and flowers begin to emerge. The aromatherapy element we used was bergamot because it is an elegant and timeless citrus, but it also has floral touches in which it shares several components with lavender, which makes the aroma also relaxing. That is, it wakes you up, but it also calms you down. If you are going to work and need energy, but also peace, this aroma is perfect. The Nordic element of this collection is the Cloudberry, a fruit that at the beginning of this season is found under the snow. For Helle, spring is the same as going to look for this fruit,” describes Izaskun.


“Here we wanted to achieve a detox aroma that transmitted joy, equivalent to
that feeling of the year when she, her family and friends could finally go out
nature to enjoy and have fun. You can perceive the aromatherapy part in the rosemary and lavender, which, although they are relaxing, also detoxify. The aroma gives that refreshing feeling that you feel when entering a forest full of fresh air. The Nordic element is juniper, a woodland tree whose berries are used in gin. We both liked it because it is spicy and different,” details Izaskun.


“When this time of year begins, it gets a little cold and you look for that
cozy feeling, that's why we include a woody and spicy part. In the Nordic autumn you can still do outdoor activities because there is light, but you begin to keep away more regularly and light the fireplace, therefore, the Nordic element that you will find here is birch, the wood par excellence that Helle and many Families in Sweden and Norway use it to light the fireplace. This raw material is synonymous with being at home, having dinner and enjoying family. On the other hand, aromatherapy comes from cedar, a dry, spicy and pungent wood,” he continues.


“Without thinking about it, the coldest time of the year arrives and you just want to lock yourself in and
let them pamper you. This scent is Mys in all its glory. You will find the aromatherapy part in sandalwood and the Nordic in elderflower. This flower distills a liquor that is typically drunk in winter. The sweet and woody combination gives you that hug you need when the temperatures drop. In addition, the olfactory trail is excellent for falling asleep,” concludes the perfumer.

1.- When using any candle for the first time, leave it burning for at least an hour
so that it is consumed evenly and no tunnels are made, since these
They cause the flame to go out. Also remember that the first time
If you light a candle it will take time to release the smell, after an hour it will be easy
perceive the aroma.

2.- Aromatherapy kits can be used in a diffuser, to give a small
touch the body before a massage and relax, or in a yoga class to
achieve better focus. If you use them on the body, I recommend applying them to hot spots (behind the ears, neck, wrists or knees) since you will leave a trail when you walk.

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