Mys llega a Olivine y estos son los aromas favoritos de las editoras anterior

Mys arrives at Olivine and these are the editors' favorite aromas

Starting at the end of this year you will be able to find Mys products in one of
our favorite beauty spots from clean beauty, Olivine. “I remember when
A few months ago Helle sent me the essential oils to try, I took them to
my house and I simply fell in love. I use them daily in my diffuser and it really
they love it. Being a fan of aromas and aromatherapy, I invited her to have her products in the online store because I think they will be a success,” says Mariana Diez, founder of Olivine. When we asked her and some of our pampered Beauty editors which of the four olfactory trails is their favorite, this is what they told us:

Mariana Diez, founder of Olivine
“My favorite aroma is Winter because I have a predilection for fragrances
woody, although I confess that I also like the rest of the seasons.
I have tried almost the entire portfolio of products, but the ones I use most
Essential oils are often in the diffuser and now that the brand forms
part of Olivine I plan to expand my catalog at home. Furthermore, something that
I love the design of the products, it is truly spectacular and the knowledge
which are created by the architects Regina Galván Duque and Andrés Mier de
Terán from MYT +GLVDK, makes them even more special.”

Paulina Soto, Grazia Beauty editor
“Of the four essential oil options, the one I like the most
It's Autumn, I feel that its aroma is enveloping. It's like an ideal hug for that
time of year when the cold begins. Its woody notes give it
depth while lavender is calming.
These oils, along with the expert hands of Scape masseuses, make
so you can completely relax and enjoy that moment of calm and peace in
where your body finds perfect harmony. Oils and massage are the
perfect dumbbell to balance body, mind and spirit. Personally I
I really liked knowing the story behind each aroma, one in which
the founder of the brand remembered her childhood in Sweden and Norway to drink
references that will transport her to certain moments she lived in the countries

Bárbara Terán, editor of Golf & Spa

"Taking a moment in the middle of the usual routine is a ritual that we must
seek and without a doubt it is healthy; between delicious essences and massages with
best hands, Scape and Mys result in the perfect fusion for a
unmatched experience. Autumn is a scent that I identify with not only because
its components, but also sandalwood is one of my favorite aromas since it takes me back to many memories from my childhood such as Christmas. Its fragrance completely enveloped me in a cozy atmosphere. Balance mind and body for well-being above all!

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