The olfactory luxury experience

in every room of your house.



Perfume your space ALL DAY. The MYS aroma diffuser refreshes and renews the air in your space by releasing a natural aroma. Made of ceramic using a combination of artisanal methods and cutting-edge processes, the MYS aroma diffuser becomes a functional and modern decoration for your home. It has a soft ambient light that makes it the perfect ally to instill calm in your environment. Customize your environment with the touch of a button.

Includes the diffuser essence: SPRING 路 V脜R | 1 or 2 ENERGIZING Essential Oils of 0.5 fl oz. ($350 MXN Value)

About the essences : It feels refreshing and revitalizing, with camemoro, bergamot and green woods as main ingredients.

Duration: 4 - 8 continuously or intermittently

OPERATION TIME: 3-6 hours continuously or intermittently.

ROOM COVERAGE: Medium sized rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms or home offices, up to approximately 500 square feet.


Perfume every corner of your home with this elegant and decorative diffuser. Designed in resin using a combination of artisanal methods and cutting-edge processes, the MYS aroma mist diffuser stands out and fits into any decor.

Size: 10.5 x 8.5cm
Water tank: 0.033 fl oz | 100ml
LED Light: Optional LED light band to create atmosphere.
Function: Auto power off, silent operation and no heat.

Fill the water tank to the maximum water level line, add 10 to 15 drops of the diffuser essence of your choice, press the power button on the diffuser and move to the station you have chosen.

Only use the power adapter supplied with the device, never operate the device if the power adapter is damaged, do not use it if any part of the device is broken, always place the unit on a stable and level surface, do not pour water or other liquid in the air outlet.

Renew your space

and your mind with the magic of our essences.

An exquisite fragrance FOR EVERY RICH

We include two aromas worth $700 MNX , meticulously selected to offer an incomparable olfactory experience.

Notes that reflect the freshness and life that is felt in this season of the year, exhibiting joy and strength to carry out activities, each essence is made with pure essential oils of the highest quality. These aromas not only delight the senses, but also promote well-being, helping you relax, revitalize or focus as needed.