Seasonal Air Kit

$ 1,560

Embark on a sensory journey through the seasons with our exclusive Seasonal Scents Kit! This kit offers a unique aromatic experience with a refreshing Spring Room Spray and two carefully selected essences: Summer and Fall. Transform your home into an oasis of changing fragrances that reflect the beauty and diversity of each season.

Spring Room Spray:

Welcome spring into your home with our revitalizing Spring Room Spray! Inspired by the fresh and floral aromas of the season, this spray awakens the senses with a burst of springtime fragrances. Enjoy notes of blooming flowers, invigorating citrus, and a gentle breeze that will transport you to a garden in full bloom.

Summer Essence:

Celebrate the arrival of summer with our Summer essence, an ode to the joy and vitality of this season. Immerse yourself in a sea of fresh and fruity aromas, with juicy notes of tropical fruits, green herbs, and a soft ocean breeze. This essence will take you directly to sunny days on the beach and warm nights under the stars.

Fall Essence:

When autumn arrives, envelop your home in the warm embrace of our Fall essence. Inspired by the colors and aromas of the season, this essence transports you to forests covered in crunchy leaves, with comforting spice notes, ripe fruits, and smoky wood. Enjoy the cozy feeling of being wrapped in a sweater by a crackling fireplace.

Transform Your Home with the Seasons:

With our Seasonal Scents Kit, you can easily change your home's ambiance according to the time of year. From spring freshness to autumn warmth, this kit allows you to capture the essence of each season and create a cozy and inviting atmosphere that will accompany you throughout the year.

Discover the magic of the seasons and transform your home into an aromatic sanctuary with our Seasonal Scents Kit!