Cozy Home Kit

$ 1,911

Get ready to embrace the warmth and magic of the seasons with our charming Seasonal Scents Kit. This kit combines an evocative Fall Room Spray and an elegant Winter S Candle, creating an aromatic experience that will transport you to winter landscapes filled with charm and nostalgia.

Fall Room Spray:

Immerse yourself in the colors and scents of autumn with our exquisite Fall Room Spray. Inspired by the golden and coppery landscapes of the season, this spray captures the essence of fall with comforting notes of warm spices, ripe apples, and smoky wood. Spray this enchanting aroma in your home and dive into a cozy and nostalgic atmosphere.

Winter S Candle:

Light up your winter nights with the soft glow and captivating scent of our Winter S Candle. Designed with an elegant and minimalist style, this candle emanates an enveloping fragrance that evokes the serenity and tranquility of a snowy landscape. With notes of fresh pine, comforting spices, and warm vanilla, this candle creates a cozy and festive atmosphere that invites you to relax and enjoy the winter season.

Create a Cozy Ambience:

With our Seasonal Scents Kit, you can transform your home into a cozy haven that reflects the charm and beauty of each season. From the warm tones of fall to the serenity of winter, this kit allows you to enjoy an aromatic experience that changes with the seasons, accompanying you through your most special moments throughout the year.

Immerse yourself in the magic of the seasons and create a warm and enchanting atmosphere in your home with our Seasonal Scents Kit!

1 Room Spray Fall
1 Vela S Winter

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